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Today from the roastery ... Why fresh roasted coffee?

February 21, 2014

At Vertere Coffee Roasters, we constantly talk about the benefits of fresh-roasted coffee. We define fresh-roasted coffee as specialty coffee that is sold within the week it is roasted and consumed with in the next one to two weeks. This time period represents the peak point of the coffee's freshness and allows the most flavor to transfer into your cup during brewing. While it is certainly true that all coffee is at one time fresh-roasted, most coffee is not consumed when the roasted beans are still considered fresh.


Think about the coffee in your local grocery store, and even the bulk containers of roasted beans. How long have they been sitting there, and what is happening to them inside their package of container? The short answer is that they are getting stale. How can you know the age of beans on the shelf? While it is not always possible, there are some indicators: dust and bean bin turnover. I have on several occasions, while buying coffee in bags or cans, been able to wipe a layer of dust off of the package. That coffee has been sitting around for a good while.



Roasted coffee beans are fresh food and are sensitive over time to moisture, oxygen, and light, and the time clock for optimum flavor profile begins with the roasting process. While we all want to by those beans in the bins that we can see, be careful that you are buying beans from the bins with a high turnover. A good clue is to buy beans from the bins that always seem to run empty the quickest. The bins are not usually air tight, and the clear walls allow light to reach the bean, both things that lead to the acceleration of bean spoilage due to the oxidation of coffee bean oils. If you must buy beans from the grocery store, you are almost better off buying prepackaged beans in high-barrier, opaque packaging. However, if you can find a roaster like Vertere Coffee Roasters near to you, opt for them first to buy fresh beans. Your palette will thank you as you enjoy the freshest coffee.



Most people don't realize that fresh-roasted coffee is available to them. While sometimes that may be true of coffee in the grocery store, online outlets and specialty coffee roasters like Vertere Coffee Roasters are helping to increase awareness and liberate people from drinking stale coffee. Improving peoples' coffee experience is one of the goals of Vertere Coffee Roasters, and we want you to know we are here to help you enjoy your every cup.

Next time we'll talk about the roasting process and how that affects the coffee you drink.


Enjoy life by the cupful!

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