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Today from the roastery ... My K-Cups

January 17, 2014

Many people today enjoy the convenience of making a cup of coffee at a time in their Keurig machines. We wake up, stumble sleepily over to the coffee maker and begin making the beverage that jump-starts us into the reality of the day. The problem is that we become trained into thinking that these pre-packages coffees are our only options now that we own the machine.

We like the convenience of the Keurig, but we also like a great cup of coffee. Vertere Coffee Roasters wants to remind you that you are not limited to using the pre-packaged coffee sold for these brewing systems. You can still enjoy the fresh-roasted coffee of your choice in your single-cup brewer and drastically reduce the cost of each cup of coffee.

You can still purchase your favorite whole bean or ground coffee and use the "My K-Cup" attachment from Keurig. You can brew directly with this replacement cup/filter, or if you want to achieve a stronger cup of coffee, follow these directions:

1) Save a disposable K-Cup, cut off the foil top, and remove the coffee grounds and paper filter inside

2) Trim the top of the used cup so the disposable K-Cup fits inside the My K-Cup housing.

3) Place this new additional homemade filter inside the housing of the My K-Cup, and then add the wire-mesh filter

4) Add your favorite fresh coffee grounds to fill the My K-Cup, attach the lid, and brew as normal.

The as-purchased My K-Cup allows for lower pressure build-up and faster water flow than with the pre-packaged K-Cups, resulting in weaker coffee with the My K-Cup. This improvised, some say hacked, system allows for a stronger brew by allowing the water to stay with the grounds longer than usual before reaching your mug.

Now you can enjoy both convenience and great taste out of your Keurig machine, and we hope you will choose Vertere Coffee Roasters to compliment your new coffee maker.

Vertere Coffee Roasters

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