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Today at the Roastery - Vertere Introduction

December 18, 2013

Hello Coffee World! ... Vertere Coffee Roasters is here!

We formed Vertere Coffee Roasters because we like to brew and enjoy great coffee. Sadly, we just couldn't find coffee beans that were fresh enough to provide the experience we were seeking. Most coffee beans sold in retail outlets are at least three weeks old, resulting in a flat, mediocre cup of coffee. After unsuccessfully searching for a reliable source of fresh-roasted coffee beans, we came to the conclusion that we had to roast them ourselves. Thus came the birth of Vertere Coffee Roasters.

After many months of learning about the art/science of coffee roasting, including spending time with mentors in the industry, we have learned how to bring the best out of a coffee bean. The results are simply amazing, and we felt we had to share this wonderful new taste with others.

We have all been conditioned to accept mediocre, good coffee, but at Vertere Coffee Roasters we like to ask, " Why settle for just a good cup of coffee when you can have a great cup of coffee?"

Wherever you are on the coffee-drinking spectrum, you can enjoy great, fresh-roasted coffee in your home of office. Contact us today and we can help turn the page on your coffee experience.

Vertere Coffee Roasters

Excellent Coffee ... One Fresh Roast at a Time.