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Flavored Coffee: Mochanela (Medium Roast)

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Medium (Full City) Roast
Cup Characteristics: Deep chocolate paired with rich cinnamon flavor and a hint of citrus, with medium body and good, balanced acidity.
Available Grind Options: Whole Bean, Ground (Paper Filter, Metal Filter, French Press)

This Coffee's Story:
If you love chocolate and cinnamon, this coffee is perfect for you. Some refer to this coffee as a version of the Mexican coffee drink made by women during the Mexican Revolution of 1910 to strengthen and support the soldiers. This drink was made using what the ladies had on hand: cocoa, coffee, cinnamon, oranges, piloncillo (dark, unrefined Mexican sugar) almonds, and vanilla, even adding a splash of Tequila. Vertere's offering presents a similar flavor (without the Tequila) that goes great with a dollop of whipped cream on top.


We hope you enjoy your Vertere Mochanela coffee as a morning staple, as a dessert, or as a pleasant diversion from your norm.


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