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Single Origin: Costa Rica Tarrazu - Volcanicos (Medium Roast)

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Medium (Full City) Roast
Tasting Notes: Good body, high acidity, excellent aroma, intense flavor, chocolate and citrus notes
Available Grind Options: Whole Bean, Ground (Paper Filter, Metal Filter, French Press)
* Available in K-Cups that work in all Keurig machines. (See K-Cup product listing under Buy Coffee section)

This Coffee's Story:

Costa Rica has a long history with coffee. First planted in the late 1700s, it played a major role in the agricultural economics of the country by the 1820s. Because of the early and consistent investment in infrastructure, Costa Rica has been a powerhouse in Central America both for exports and quality for generations.

Costa Rica has eight main growing regions: Central Valley, West Valley, Guanacaste, Tres Rios, Turrialba, Orosi, Brunca, and Tarrazu. Each have distinct flavor profiles, but all are distinctly Costa Rican: bright and lemony, mild-bodied, and easy to drink. In recent years producers in the country have started to differentiate by focusing on microlots, different varieties, and new processing methods including honey processing, which was first developed in Costa Rica.

Tesoros Volcanicos was developed to highlight what makes Costa Rican coffee great by blending smallholder lots from various regions to create a balanced cup ideal for blending or to enjoy as a single origin. This blend, which features the cocoa and caramel notes West Valley is known for, the body and sweet floral notes from Brunca, and the brilliant citrus from Tarrazu, is truly Costa Rica in a cup.

Region: Tarrazu

Growing Altitude: 1,200 - 1,800 masl

Cultivar: Caturra, Catuai

Processing Method: Washed


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