Colombia Bucaramanga

$ 17.00

Medium (Full City) Roast
Cup Characteristics: Well-rounded, good overall acidity, medium body, brown sugar, floral, citrus notes.
Available Grind Options: Whole Bean, Ground (Paper Filter, Metal Filter, French Press)

This Coffee's Story:
Colombia is the second largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of washed and Arabica coffee. Annual production ranges from 12-15 million bags weighing 70 kilos each. Colombia exports approximately 12.5 million bags and internal consumption is about 2 million bags annually. Coffee in Columbia is grown at an altitude of 1,200-2,000 meters.  


This exceptional coffee is sourced from farms located in and surrounding the town/municipality of San Gil. They are located around 100 kilometers south of Bucaramanga. To get there, you have to drive through the Chicamocha Canyon, which is a steep side canyon carved by the Chicamocha River, and was nominated as one of the 7 natural wonders contest.

San Gil is located at 1.400 meters above sea level and average temperature is 28-30 degrees Celsius all year around with some rainy periods. Due to high temperatures, coffee is grown with lots of shade. The soil is primarily volcanic ash. Arabic varieties are Castillo, Colombia, Caturra and Typica.

The mill works directly with 6 or 8 farms in the area, with very similar cup profile and harvesting culture which will allow us to originate around 3 to 4.000 bags per year. Harvesting periods are 75% during Main Crops months (Oct/Jan ) and balance during Mid Crop months ( April/July ).



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