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Blend: Arctic Cold Brew (Medium+ Roast)

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Medium (Full City) Roast
Cup Characteristics: This coffee blend offers a nicely balanced cup with cocoa hints, nutty notes, complimented with bright acidity and subtle floral and winey notes.
Available Grind Options: Coarse Ground (Paper Filter, Metal Filter, French Press)

This Coffee's Story:
This coffee is roasted and blended to produce a smooth, chocolaty, rich coffee that is well-suited for iced coffee preparations where the coffee is used to cold-brew a low acid and inherently sweet coffee concentrate. This coffee in the 12oz bag is packaged to provide the exact amount of coffee needed for using the Toddy Home Cold Brew System. If buying in whole bean form, know that you will want to grind the coffee as coarse as possible to work best with a cold, overnight brew method. The coffee will work well with other cold-brew systems, but the optimum coffee-to-water ratio must be determined, if not using the Toddy system.
Sample Iced Coffee Recipe:
1 Chilled glass that is 3/4 filled with ice cubes
4-5oz Arctic Blend Coffee Concentrate
4-5oz Milk product or other non-dairy substitute
1/2-1oz Vanilla Syrup

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Category: Blends, Medium Roast

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