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Blend: Vertere Black Gold Espresso (Vienna Roast)

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Dark (Vienna) Roast
Cup Characteristics: Dark-roasted with dark chocolate and slight citrus notes.


This Coffee's story:
We roast our Black Gold Espresso darker for those who like a little more bight and lingering taste to their espresso. It has deep flavor that is great alone or in your favorite espresso-based beverage.


Three things we find important in brewing an exceptional espresso: water, grind, and tamp. First, ensure that your machine produces the correct water temperature (195-205F) and make sure to use filtered water. You want to enjoy the complete taste of your espresso without the flavor killers chlorinated water presents. Next, make sure your grinder is suited for espresso grinds and that it is a burr grinder. It is important that the grind is fine enough and consistent enough to pack tightly and evenly in the portafilter to allow for maximum surface area as the pressurized hot water works to extract the flavors and oils in the coffee that makes espresso so unique. Finally, make sure you have the proper-sized tamper for your portafilter and tamp with the optimum pressure of about 30lbs. To gauge what 30lbs is, try pressing down on a bathroom scale of picking up an object weing 30lbs. Translate that idea of 30lbs to your tamping force. During extraction you want to mainly see crema leaving to portafilter, and it should take 24-26 seconds to produce a double shot of espresso in a two outlet portafilter.


Espresso is full of variables under the control of the professional or home barista. Have fun and experiment with grind, tamp, and extraction time. Your experimentation will reward you.


If possible, extract your espresso directly into the cup you will drink from to ensure the maximum amount of crema  in your cup.


Enjoy and Ciao.


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