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Single Origin: Sumatra Gayo Wet Hulled (Medium Roast)

Medium (Full City+) Roast
Cup Characteristics: Sweet and spicy with a heavy body and clean finish. Notes of clove, mango, white pepper, and papaya.
Available Grind Options: Whole Bean, Ground (Paper Filter, Metal Filter, Chemex, French Press)

This Coffee's Story:
This Sumatra Gayo coffee comes to you through the efforts of Santiang Exports, a group of friends working with a coop of farmers in the volcanic Gayo region of Indonesia with reputation of great coffee and integrity. This group has a collective vision to locally produce coffee and desire to improve their local economy by adding the value right there where they live.
Santiang works directly with many small local producers to help make improvements in drying, sorting and process control. In addition to this they are also meticulous about record keeping and consistency which makes them invaluable as our boots on the ground! From an initial 3 tons to now container volumes, this network farmers  has grown to include 165 farmers in the town of Takengon. 
Besides benefiting from the larger dry mill, a group of highly skilled ladies hand sort these beans. Some of these ladies are the wives of the farmers themselves. This coffee has gone an extra round of hand sorting at the dry mill to minimize defects, reduce earthy cupping notes and enhancing clarity in cup quality.The combination of the processing at the village level, the dry mill, and hand sorting has resulted in many saying that this Gayo coffee is the cleanest Sumatran anyone has ever seen or tasted. There is a great source of pride in this community and they showcase this premier coffee for what it is: a high quality product produced by dedicated, skilled people. Santiang Exports continues to build trust, focus on local processing, increasing standards, and gaining access to new markets that appreciate this amazing coffee produced by this wonderful community.

Region: Central Aceh Regency, Gayo Highlands, Indonesia

Growing Altitude: 1,300 - 1,600 masl

Cultivar: Ateng P88, Tim-tim

Processing Method: Wet - Hulled “Giling Basah”.


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