Panama Boquete Camiseta Estate

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Light (City+) Roast
Tasting Notes: Full-bodied cup with lemony acidity. Notes of dark chocolate, sweet nougat, orange blossom, and a caramel finish. When hot, shows flavors of caramel syrup and butter pecan. As the cup cools, the initial sweetness develops with balanced acidity. This is a great "every day" coffee.
Available Grind Options: Whole Bean, Ground (Paper Filter, Metal Filter, French Press)

This Coffee's Story:
In the late 19th century, immigrants from diverse countries arrived in Panama, contracted to begin construction on a canal to connect the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. These early attempts to build a canal failed, and some of the immigrants moved to the Boquete region to find a better life.

One of these immigrants was Abdeljad Saudi, who later changed his name to Domingo Suarez. Suarez began coffee farming in 1920 and, two generations later, the eight estates of the Suarez farms are administered by three of his grandchildren. Vidal and Eira Suarez started their coffee farm in the Boquete region, towards the top of the Barú Volcano on the region known as Camiseta. They planted the Typica coffee variety, which still remains as 80% of that estate today. Typica coffee has characteristic good body, clean mouthfeel, and nice sweetness.

The Boquete region has an altitude ranging from 4,460ft to 6,560ft above sea level. The soil is volcanic loam with temperatures averaging 59 to 72ºF, and the rainfall average in the region is about 118in per year. Winds are North-South during the summer season with the Baru Volcano located to the west and the Central Mountain range to the North, making this an ideal location to grow and process coffee

After being harvested, beans are processed at the family’s mill. Beans are carefully washed, naturally fermented, pre-dried in the sun on patios, machine dried to maintain homogeneity, stored in breathable bags, and allowed to rest prior to shipment.


Region: Boquete, Panama

Growing Altitude: 4,460 - 6,560ft asl

Cultivar: Typica

Processing Method: Fully Washed, Drum Drying


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