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Gear: Coffee Level 1: V60 Pour Over Quick Start (Hario V60, 1 pack Hario filters, 1lb Coffee)

Want a better way to make just one cup of your favorite Vertere specialty coffee and still get maximum flavor from your fresh-roasted beans? The V60 Pour Over Quick Start package is for you. Hario is the recognized leader in pour overbrewers, and we'll include a tip sheet to help you begin. Specify whole bean or ground when you place your order. 

V60 Pour Over Quick Start Package Includes (pictured below):

  • Hario V60-02 1-4-Cup White Ceramic Dripper
  • Hario Filters (100 per pack)
  • 1lb Vertere Fresh-roasted Coffee (specify whole bean or ground)

Want the ultimate V60 package that adds a gooseneck kettle and a timer/scale? Then choose Vertere's V60 Lab Package.

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