Kenya AA Top Nyeri

$ 20.00

Light (City+) Roast
Cup Characteristics: Vibrant Acidity, Stone Fruit, Rich Savory Body
Available Grind Options: Whole Bean, Ground (Paper Filter, Metal Filter, French Press)

This Coffee's Story:

Vertere Coffee Roasters brings you a Kenya AA coffee that is sure to both please and intrigue you. Kenya AA is considered one of the world’s finest coffees on the market today, and many think that this coffee is one of the world’s finest specialty coffees in a grade by itself. The coffee is light-bodied, and it has a wonderful aroma that draws you in to the first sip. This coffee is very balanced in acidity and has a refreshing taste that entices you to drink more.

Our Kenya AA coffee beans (SL-28 Variety) are carefully selected from the top rated coffee mills in the Nyeri region in Kenya, namely from Kangocho, Ngunguru, and Kagere. Nyeri has consistently produced the top rated Kenya AA, maintaining a high cupping score of 88-92 in the US. Our Kenya AA coffee is purchased through a more direct path, avoiding large Kenyan government auctions, so the small-scale farmers can sell hand-selected beans directly to our importer and earn more money for their families. 


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