Guatemala Authentic Decorative Bag

$ 12.00

Hand-made bags made from stunning and customary Myan "ikat" fabric from the Antigua region of Guatemala.


In the shadow of the church of San Bartolomeo, on the outskirts of La Antigua Guatemala, Francisco Perez Gomez ekes out a living for his family as a tailor.  In the boom years of tourism and textile exportation, he had all the work he could manage.  Today, only a few people remember him.  Though his eyesight is failing and his ancient sewing machine has grown older with him, he graciously accepts any project brought to him, grateful for the opportunity to continue in his role as a provider for his family.


The constant struggle to earn enough to meet the most basic needs is a common thread in a country that is rich in beauty and tradition but among the poorest in our hemisphere.  Your purchase encourages these hardworking families while allowing you to enjoy the delicious and beautiful fruit of their labor.


A portion ($5.00) of this purchase is sent directly to the maker of these bags in order to support their efforts. Join Vertere Coffee Roasters as we seek to help the people of Guatemala in this way,

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