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Craft-Roasted Coffee

Single Origin: Colombia Supremo Huila (Medium Roast)

Medium (Full City) Roast
Cup Characteristics: Well-rounded, good overall acidity, light to medium body, caramel, tangerine citrus, chocolate notes.
Available Grind Options: Whole Bean, Ground (Paper Filter, Metal Filter, French Press)

This Coffee's Story:
Colombia is the second largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of washed and Arabica coffee. Annual production ranges from 12-15 million bags weighing 70 kilos each. Colombia exports approximately 12.5 million bags and internal consumption is about 2 million bags annually. Coffee in Columbia is grown at an altitude of 1,200-2,000 meters.  


This particular type of Colombian coffee is Supremo; this word is a coffee grading term in Colombia. Supremo coffee beans are slightly larger than Excelso beans with a screen size of 17 and 18. This type is the largest bean size grading for Colombian coffee. It is possible that Supremo and Excelso coffee beans are harvested from the same tree, but they are sorted by it's size. The Supremo grade represents the highest possible; the small, less dense beans and peaberries have been removed.

The main flowering period for Colombia is from April to October. The main crop harvest lasts from early September to December. The mitaca harvest lasts from March to June. Colombia ships coffee 12 months a year, and the country only produces washed Arabica coffee. The three primary varieties grown in Colombia are Catura, Typica, Bourbon, and Variadad Colombia (developed by the FNC to be resistant to coffee leaf rust disease). Colombian coffee is referred to by the region in which it is grown, and many people refer to the closest city where the mill is located, in this case, the coffee originates in Huila province.


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